Available Rottweiler pups

Adopt from: $450        /         Contact us to know the pups available.

May Rottweilers is providing families worldwide with German Rottie puppies they have never seen in person. It is an enormous responsibility and one we take extremely seriously. That is why over the years we have developed, maintained and grown relationships with professional and honest breeders/families. We constantly travel and visit some of the families, to educate them on their rottie puppies and taking photographs and videos for our dog lovers to see.

Once a family chooses their puppy we take upon ourselves the responsibility of giving the puppy all its vaccinations and ensuring it has a clean bill of health before it is sent to them. We only take the puppies away from their mothers at the latest possible time so they don’t have to get used to a temporary environment before they join their new, forever families. We prepare all the necessary documentation and arrange the shipping of the puppy to any major airport in the world by air, or on the road within Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Canada.

But not only that, we have another duty. To help educate, inform and assist dog lovers through articles so that we can continue to improve and assure both responsible dog breeding and owning. This is our promise to everyone, that we put the life / health of our puppies above everything else.